Our Cloud Xchange Features


A rapid and easy to configure auto-scaling is available for servers. So, servers can up and down according to the distinct requirements.

Failover & High Availability

With us, you will be working with enterprise-class resilience of multi-layered security. It is a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover, which saves time and ensures maximum availability.

Fully Redundant network

A fully redundant network design will ensure that your website will remain available with zero interruption.


Multi-layered security is offered for your crucial data and business information. With us, you can stay assured of safety of your business data and have your mind’s peace.

Redundant Storage

A huge storage pool is offered to cater constantly changing business requirements.

Pay as you Grow

Unique price model of pay-as-you-grow that charges for your utilized resources only without any upgrade.

Flexible Billing

We support utility billing and offer flexible billing facility. It means you will be paying only for your utilized resources with no extra charges.

Fast & Easy Provisioning

Hi-tech hosting solutions are easily available with less time consuming procedures. Experience the most advanced level of cloud hosting with scalable options with us.